Dear Friend;

Most marketer’s ideas about magazines are what they see at the check out stand. They can’t believe that the answer to all of their marketing is right in front of their eyes!

So why believe me? I’ve been there . . . broke, struggling and wondering why all the “gurus’ were making a killing while I could hardly rub two pennies together . . .

I now fully get this after several YEARS of struggle, going from program to program like most marketers looking for an answer. Then one day I literally STUMBLED on the REAL solution to building a tsunami of sign ups, subscriptions (recurring money) and a truly ingenious system that solves EVERY PROBLEM a marketer has!

Everything is moving to online digital copy as millions of smart phones, iPads and smart devices forge the bold future. It’s time YOU  get on the bandwagon.There is real powerful opportunity happening in the “niche” magazine world.

Yes, opportunities for niche magazine marketing are exploding and this is the new way to reach THOUSANDS of people and  create your OWN voice which can be the perfect blend of old school and new.

So let me ask you this valuable question . . .

Why not go from pissed off failure to the pied piper as you lead your
niche right to your products and services with a stunning magazine???


It is easier than you think. Let me help you dial this all in.

Magazine marketing works because people are conditioned from birth to respond to this kind of advertising and with decreasing attention spans and people’s outright hatred of interruption marketing, using a NEW and FRESH marketing strategy like this really works well and attracts people like happy, hypnotized and hungry shoppers the day after Thanksgiving!

Anyone can use our ideas to create a beautiful, interesting and powerful niche dominating magazine!


Colorful, visual and impressive, creating a magazine for your niche is the answer you have been looking for to generate leads, fame and even real fortune for your business, grow massive mailing lists, become a branded expert and get thousands of raving fans! Best of all you can focus all of your content in one artistic expression that will wow your niche, build your brand and DESTROY your competition once and for all!

How do I know this? Because each day my little magazine gives me:

  • New DAILY sign ups to my subscription based magazine
  • Ongoing targeted traffic from all over the internet to my websites
  • Residual income from ads, solo ads, display ads and classifieds
  • Ever growing internet presence without SEO, PPC Or Costly Google Ads
  • People who are proven buyers entering my marketing funnel over and over
  • Residual money from subscriptions, product sales, advertising, joint ventures, back end sales
  • Book sales, help ranking your Kindle books and ebook sales on a daily basis
  • A self building Facebook Fanpage that SELLS products, recruits sign ups all on autopilot
  • Simple marketing plan that is really different for you and your subscribers!
  • Massive paid advertising opportunities and tons of traffic using our techniques!

This was just the beginning.

Once I launched, my magazine had some of the top minds in my niche DEMANDING to write articles, have me promote their business and do editorials; all for favors, return traffic, gifts, swaps for services and cold hard CASH.

Sound too good to be true? Have a look at our magazine sales page that made me well over $100,000.00 just over the few years it has been running!

Magazine niche marketing really IS the answer to your marketing woes because it brings EVERYTHING to the table that you need as a marketer.

JanBest of all you will attract famous people (like here Chooka Parker one of the winners of Australia’s Got Talent), friends and new business associates almost daily once you get rolling.People will RESPECT you and your business.

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Dear Warrior and / or Internet Marketer;

Getting started with your own magazine is MUCH EASIER when you follow in the footsteps of someone who has done so successfully. Here below we have critical SUPPORT PRODUCTS that will reduce your learning curve significantly and allow you to publish your own magazine in literally days . . . and is necessary to help us help you get the most our of PMM 2.0.


“The Templates, suggestions and audio series alone are easily worth a fortune just for the headaches they saved me!” S. Jones, Springfield, OH



Power Magazine Marketer 2.0 Magazine And Cover Templates –

Here Victoria has created for you two templates for easy editing for your magazine. She uses MS word and if you are using publisher, we also give you a ready made smart device / publisher template. These are ALL you need to get started and we will even reveal how to use these to save huge amounts of time and get approved for smart devices of all kinds and how to host them essentially free. 

The templates are complemented by a powerful video series below so you know how to edit them and re use them each month for your latest edition of your magazine. 


Video Magazine Creation Series – Making a magazine is an art form but there are many tips, tricks and ideas that Victoria uses to create her award winning magazines. The best part is that once you see how easy it is to do, and watch how she does it, you will be very glad you did. Why bang your head struggling for days, even weeks trying to figure out HOW to make a magazine?



Video 1 – The Magazine Production Process Overview

Follow Victoria as she explains cover creation, logos, content, links and how she puts it all together and why, This information alone reveals some long held secrets to magazine layout.



Video 2 – Using The Templates 

Victoria shows you how to edit the templates in Word / MS Office. This includes colors, textures, inserting lines, boxes or just edit the existing layout template easily and add content and images.



Video 3 –  Changing Colors, Styles And Design For Nest Issue –

To keep your magazine looking awesome each month here are some pretty simple ways to add some real impact, elegance and eye popping images as well as cover modification.




Video 4 – Magazine Cover Design Mastery

Good cover design is critical for success of your magazine. Here Victoria uses Photoshop to create a powerful and eye catching cover. She also explains how to create pallets,  Photoshop techniques, transforming headers, colors and how to edit the template to change everything you need.



Power List Building Secrets

Here is a pretty fast read but it is filled with no hype, no fluff strategies that top marketers use to build a powerful and impressive mailing list.

Unlike other guides I explain exactly the FASTEST way to build your own list using strategies few marketers actually do on a daily basis that really work.

I also show how you can earn 5 figures with ANY mailing list once it is set up properly and you don’t even need a product!

This guide is a fantastic addition to your Power Magazine Marketer kit!




Ongoing Monthly Audio Support Training

We will also include our updates via audio support series. These podcasts will come to you via email in addition to the first series of training discussions.

Victoria and I talk about other successful magazine marketers, what works for them (and us) as well as ongoing current events, tactics, strategies and ways to explode your sign ups.

This series is well worth the small cost of the entire kit!


pmm_2Magazine Business In A Box – Only paid customers get our help, support and consultation with their ideas for a magazine.

If you order this kit you also get: 

  • Up to three consultations via email, Skype and or phone
  • Direct design support and ideas and suggestions
  • Help narrowing down your exact niche and sub-niche
  • Product / magazine layout suggestions 
  • Search engine support and logistics based on niche
  • Access to reduced cost magazine design help 
  • Suggested marketing via funnel creation and the steps




Check1redRemember our team will NOT consult with anyone who has not ordered PMM 2.0 except at an hourly rate and full pricing!You are securing consultation and support services when you purchase the entire kit and a discount for magazine creation. 

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